Explore the ocean with us!

If you never tried to dive before, there’s a long trip of learning before you can dive by your own.

First, you can try diving with a special diving adventure, which calls Discovery Scuba Diving, (or, short, DSD). It includes 1 theory lesson, renting all equipment, and 1 dive with instructor. Price is 60,00 € (450,00 kn).

If you like your DSD, you can start with Open Water Diver(OWD) course, which includes theory lessons and dives with exercises and instructor. After finishing the course you receive an OWD certificate, which allows you to dive without instructor, but with your dive buddy, as divers never go alone. After finishing this course you’ll be able to dive till 19 meters, and also to dive on the reefs.

Price for OWD course is 400,00 € (3000,00 kn), but if you try DSD also at our dive center, price for OWD is 340,00 €.

Next step would be Advanced Open Water Diver (AOWD).

The step after AOWD is Rescue Diver.

And then you can take part in doing Master Scuba Diver (MSD) or choose to go professional and do the Dive-master (DM).

We are ready to provide any of these courses to you.